Are you really healthy check now?!

“Are you really healthy” is the question that takes us to the world in which we live, that shows us health as the appearance or attractiveness of the body.

After the evolution of social media like Facebook, Instagram, and tv shows, we all began to sit and enjoy ourselves but forgot to be stay healthy, most of our jobs are within a box – “Computers”, we have very less chance of moving and so we have to take effort to stay healthy. 

It’s very simple you be active and happy = “you stay healthy.”  As it is said by the World Health Organization “Health is a state of complete mental, social and physical well-being”.

One thing we humans misinterpret is having a flat stomach and lean and fit body is healthy, to be honest, sometimes it is not, you can have a six-pack that’s good, but healthy well-being start from the inner self. What your intake, how your mental health is!

Yeah, I agree, there are smooth abs and slim bodies in some stable individuals. But that doesn’t mean that these characteristics are needed for good health.

Are you healthy and fit, how can you tell? That’s a topic that your personalized healthcare professional ideally asks, who is qualified to determine every part of your well-being. But for certain persons, there are some general indicators that suggest good health, and we spoke to a physician and a nutritionist to hear more about themA

1. When you're hungry, you eat and stop when you're finished

are you really healthy

A characteristic of healthy eating is this basic action.

Some physicians claim that “most people do not eat regularly on time and skip meals and eat when they have free time, and sometimes people eat while watching TV or other electronic devices.” then overeating till the neck” which mean they are not eating when they are hungry. People started to over-eat when on emotional situations like anger and sad, both are not very important.

The end tag here is, you should eat when you are hungry, I know your work much but at least try to do this 2 times a day.

2. You consume a diverse diet which is high in whole grains.

are you really healthy

Many diets eliminate those foods, and when I look at people around me, I look for a wide variety of omitted foods in their eating habits.


Experts clarified that a diverse diet means that you are more able to receive all the vitamins and minerals you need. This is even more important if the diet is rich in raw and unprocessed ingredients that appear to be more nutrition than items that are refined.

3. Are you eating proper and required number of calories?

are you really healthy

Often people think about balanced food in our society, as how do you consume as little calories as possible to survive? Everyone has various requirements for calories that vary depending on age, sexuality, and intensity of exercise or activity.

Know, at all costs, calories are not the opponent or any dark power to be minimized. They’re a reservoir of vitality that makes you live a lifetime and do what you want. And you could end up feeling moody, tired, dizzy, and even more if you don’t eat enough of them.

4. You can speed-walk for 10 minutes and still feel good.

are you really healthy

If you choose to add more strength to yourself or to become a ripped bodybuilder or even an incredibly runner. However, if you do not really strive to such objectives, it’s OK. In order to be fit, you shouldn’t have to become an intense participant.

The acceptable amount of exercise for good health is 7 to 15 minutes daily with moderate movement, such as speed walking, jogging, skip roping, is about 130 to 150 minutes weekly.

Doctors said that for physical fitness for any anyone who want to be healthy but you can go further and increase the time.

5. You accept the whole continuum of feelings - emotions

are you really healthy

Like physical wellbeing, mental health is just as critical are you focusing on your emotional health

Psychologists say that knowing the entire array of feelings and recognizing that they are all normal is [accepted] which shows a mental well-being in a human, acknowledged by most physicians that it is normal to feel furious at times, it is normal to feel distressed, it is normal to feel nervous and stressed.

And accepting all of those feelings and knowing that “no-one of” them is likely to be lasting is a positive indication of emotional well-being.

Emotions are always alternate they come and go; you show should stay positive which give you strength and let you change the situation. Its about handling the stress that comes towards you is the key.

6. How are your sleeping habit?

are you really healthy

It is an indication that your sleep is very healthy, which is said by most doctors, to fall asleep in an average period of time, around 10 to 15 minutes. Yet you’re simply not taking sufficient rest, if you’re too easy to flip off.

When someone falls asleep even quicker than[standard time], such as their head meets the bed and they are gone, it may be an indicator that they have a sleep debt.

Look out for sleep while moving as well. This is a really good sign that you have a sleep deficiency whether you climb into the passenger’s side of the vehicle or if you get into an aircraft and you fell asleep despite the time light.

7. The stuff you want to be doing, you have the strength to do.

are you really healthy

Most doctors said the one term that kept repeating was “ENERGY” while talking about good health. It’s not that precise, but it’s actually a really positive indicator of good health to have the energy to do the things you want to do. Physical energy and mental energy both are important.

Note that there is personalization in wellbeing. You’re not healthy if you’re stressed all the time or you’re just confused about where you’re standing. If you feel unclear about your health, please do meet a doctor as ask for advice. If you right that’s good to stay and do your healthy routines.

Hope you find this blog useful.

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