Gratitude meditation

All about Gratitude Meditation you should know

Gratitude meditation

The gratitude meditation: When you meditate on thankful or grateful thoughts is said to be Gratitude meditation. In this following post I have explained it for your simple way.

Gratitude meditation
 Experts suggest the following gratitude meditation that is kind of made up:
  • Begin with 5 minutes of mindful breath awareness, then
  • Reflect on the 6 things to be grateful for in your life – say them slowly to yourself, 3 times – keep your focus on each one as you reflect on it:
    • I am alive, breathing, and conscious for another day, I am happy to live.
    • My health is reasonably good – I eat healthily and I am thankful to God. (even if you have any health conditions now is not the time to worry)
    • My 5 senses are all still working – again, everyone may have deficiencies here – focus on the positive. You may also include your sense of harmony, as well as your capacity to detect discomfort or pain, heat, and temperature.
    • I am grateful for all the material possessions I have – I have more than enough to be happy with. A roof over my head, a warm house, food, and water at my table, sanitation, access to electricity and other services, markets to buy food, resources, transportation, and so on.
    • I am grateful that my brain is still healthy and I am cognitively complete. (Our brains execute hundreds, if not thousands, of functions; be thankful for all that it does and stop dwelling on shortcomings.)
    • Finally, I am thankful for everyone in my life, starting with those closest to you, then your circle of friends, and finally those you don’t know as well (e.g., servers, restaurant workers, gasoline station employees, and whoever comes into your mind) who provide you with services.

You should then either finish there or continue with 5 minutes of conscious breathing. (it depends on your interest you can practice in longer time)

Note: you may find yourself distracted sometimes in the begging stage but it is ok, just regain focus when you realize this.

Daily meditation and focusing on gratitude will improve your performance in whatever you do. Let’s say you want to rob a bank. Daily meditation will make you a better robber.

Robbing a bank, however, is not going to bring you much fortune in the long run, as you are accumulating lots of karma, doing so. And this karma you will take with you after death and will determine your position in the afterlife and your next reincarnation.

The most important thing then even more so than meditation and gratitude is to know what is good and what is bad.

Said by Rene Champagne

Simple tip:

You can, though, do this: write down 100 to 1000 things that have happened to you for which you are thankful. Be certain that you are feeling the emotion in your heart.

You will be familiar with the feeling of gratitude, after you have written 1000 items, and you will be able to quietly observe it for how long it lasts.

Final Note:

  1. Gratitude cannot be exercised, it is not a mentality that you should have; it should be the product of a certain belief that nothing is yours, that nothing is stable, and that everything is delicate. When you know this, appreciation becomes natural, not only in your language, but in your whole being, and this mentality of gratitude will be insignificant because you have done a much greater thing.
  2.  Meditation is a quality that develops as a result of doing the right things. There is no need for you to engage in such activities… It all simply comes down to personal priorities. If you want to live life more deeply, just engage in habits that contribute to meditation through gratitude.
Hope you find it useful.

Music is a part of any type of meditation, you can always go to Musical treat to find any kind of music you desire to hear or use.

You can use the following affirmations daily or when you need,.

Ambient gratitude music

Gratitude affirmations

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