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Why I Started a YouTube Channel for Drawing

This is not my new channel but I was uploading a music videos for the same channel with different name called “Musical Treat For You” then after months I changed the name to “Deera Musical” now I I have put my name as “Alwyyn Drawmics” which I found more interesting. Because I am practicing to be an Artist by myself and I wanted to post all the Drawings I am practicing as my progress.

What does Drawmics mean?

Since I have used few names before, I wanted something unique to be set in my Youtube channel, so I spent some time in creating a new and simple name for my channel so I put the words together as  Drawing + Music = “Drawmics”, and my website name as “Alwyyn” as my first name,. This might seem weird and funny but I like it. Hope you like it too.

I don’t know maybe you will find your unique name with this simple idea, I love to know if something like that happened. I believe there two types of artistic things that are available in this world one is music and the other one is ART like (drawing, painting, sculpting) what ever is the form. I have so much respect on these two available things. I am more curious because the art always try to express something out of it like an emotion, a feeling, a message, a reality or sometimes nothing but still it is beautiful to look at and feel the rhythm.

I am happy that I am learning a new skill which is very interesting to learn. I will be adding new videos each week if you wish to check out some random fun and scribbling I invite you to take time to check my channel.

I will be adding music videos for relaxation and drawing videos I will be practecig on. Thanks for reading, hope you will find your exploration soon.

What you can find in my youtube channel, 



Alwyn Abishek.

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