Meditation with apps

Some of the best Meditation apps you need to know before starting your mediation journey.


Do you want to make time for meditation, and organize your thoughts and maintain your calmness, using a mediation is one of the best way I can suggest you to try, because it is very simple and you start your mediation time form 2 minutes to any count of time you wish

There are numerous apps in the Appstore but can try and see yourself or you can look at this review and find the you are looking for.

I will list few apps that helped me to do and maintain my mediation every day.

A fully constructed website and mobile application at your side to help. I have been using this app for almost 20 months, I like it because it has a very simple and easy-to-use interface.

There are 10 free lessons for everyone that you can use as long as you like and also, they have their premium subscription class meditation section.

You have the option to change 4 different voices, on your interest, if you really wanted to do mediation this app will really help you. By using this app, you will learn to maintain a positive thought process.

The guiding voices are really cool and smooth.


I have not used many of the premium features if you know any interesting fact about this app let me know in the comment section.

Helps you in :

  • Positive thinking
  • Self-care/self-love
  • Taking care of your relationship

Their website has a five-page section on Mediation, sleep, stress, Mindfulness, and their articles. Each one has a different topic like maintaining your emotions have a good relationship with your body and mind.

This app will give all positive thoughts about life and relationships in your life, which is very clear and precise.

There are many types of guided meditation in this app, with positive affirmations, relationship affirmations, everything that is listed or said in this app will give you some kind of positive thoughts.


Try this app when you think to live a positive life, they also provide everyday notification to you saying a positive note.


The Positive Approach is a three-spiked philosophy that helps you reprogram your mind to think in the correct way, eventually driving you to accomplish things and live in the right way.


The application supports guided sessions that last anywhere from three to twenty-five minutes. You may select your subject from soothing anxiety to thankfulness to mindfulness at work, as well as relaxation sounds, ambient sounds, and deep breathing.

The software teaches users how to cope with worry and stress, improve their sleep, and monitor their moods.

Helps you to:

  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Reduce your anxiety or tension.
  • Boost your concentration
  • Self-improvement
  • Something different

With the world’s most customised features, this all-in-one app for mental health may help you improve your wellbeing and sleep.

The New York Times, Forbes, The Oprah Magazine, and Women’s & Men’s Health have all featured this app.

You can keep track of your favourites. It maintains track of the ones you’ve listened to and when you did so. There are bedtime stories, calming tones, and meditations available. 


Christy Delorme is a model and actress. Said I’ve tried every popular meditation app out there, and this one is the best. It’s soothing and relaxing, and I’m looking forward to my meditation practices.

Many people mentioned in the review section saying they like the simplicity and interface of this app, it is one of the good apps in the play store.



There are hundreds of applications in the play store but however you have to use one out of them at once, I almost tried many of the apps but the above mentioned are free with most of the best features that are available and have enough meditation methods for beginners and if you want to go advance you can subscribe.

My suggestion would be to try the above apps and see for yourself which one will suit you, mostly  Headspace is simple and very handy…

Do let me know in the comment section, any suggestions or Questions you have.. 

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