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Do you like Growing beard and grooming yourself

The Reason I am writing this blog is that I like my beard so much and I believe there will be people who like to grow their beard and maintain in a proper shape,. So if you are reading this then we are in the same boat, we both like to grow beard, Cheers.

I would go to barber shop every week to trim my beard, from my school time and it had been my hobby,. but a year ago I started to invest on my grooming tools such as a trimmers for shaping my beard, beard oil for softness, and beer shampoo for washing hair, vitamin oil, etc., The results were good.

I like the result so I thought of telling the fellow beards in the world about it. One thing I want to make clear is that beard oil will not grow beard, but the fact is that it makes the beard softer when you touch and feel. Maybe if you have girlfriend or your spouse you will understand.

For trimmer you can always trust the Philips brand it is one of the most trusted, I will give you a list of trimmers I have brought and used from amazon and seen people around me use, which are great.

First things first beard grooming tools are here.

Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Beard Mustache Scissors and a Metal Box are included in the Viking Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit for Men.

Viking Beard tool kit

You will love this kit because of its quality and compactness,. You will surely thank me later if you buy this kid because of all the quality you feel starting from the oil, it smells amazing and the comb is something I like to keep around to always touch and feel. 

Though it is my experience I wanted to share, whenever I am on travel I will always take it with me to just use it because it is soo cool man. This I prefer gifting to my friends on their birthdays, LOL, because I know they will surely love it. If you want me to rate this I would definitely rate this 10/10.

Beard grooming kit

I think I am not the only one impresses but there are people in the amazon rating gave a lot of good impression as I have read before writing this blogpost.

After beard kit there you will need trimmers that is the reason, I have given best trimmers that are on budget, so check it once from the below list

Best grooming trimmers:


Cordless Beard Trimmer that is gentle on the skin Rechargeable by USB, featuring a charging indicator, a travel lock, and no need for oil.

Philips MG3747/15

This is a Multi purpose Grooming Kit for Face, Hair, and Body. Self-sharpening stainless steel blades, with no oil required, and a run time of 70 minutes, which has 9 in 1 usage.

MI Cordless Beard Trimmer 1C

This is a Cordless Beard Trimmer with 20 Length Settings, 60 Minutes of Usage, and USB Fast Charging.


There are a lot of options out there but I like these a much more because of their quality and build. 

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