Easy ways to stay fit

Anyone can be fit but why all are failing to achieve is because lack of the desire. If you really want something you will get is somehow doing something with your strength, surely you will not wait for perfect time. Then why wait for the perfect time to get fit start today or start somewhere and do the required work. This blog will give you some easy ways to start and practice everyday to achieve the results you desire. If you make this simple steps your habits then you will start to see the deference.

Concentrate on your food intake

easy ways to stay fit

Try to maintain a proper diet, take protein rich foods like chicken, fish, prawn, steak, crabs etc,.  avoid fat rich food mostly fried foods.

If you like junk food then eat twice a week, make your food habits regular don’t rush, even if you start slow you can go long distance, so make everyday count.

Once a week eat vegetables and fruits  or even juices alone, without any carbohydrates, which will detox your body, you can also call it as intermediate fasting. 

Make these changes for a month then you will see the change in your metabolism.

Drink adequate water each day

easy ways to stay fit

Most of the problems in human body is because of not drinking adequate amount water. Drink at-least 3 to 4 liters of water, mostly the perfect time to start is morning, start your day with drinking a lot of water.


Do exercise

Easy ways to stay fit

The more you do movements and stretches the more you get fit,. the workouts are more beneficial and effective if you continue to do for a long period of time, so the best way is to make this process an habit, enjoying the process is more important.

Do exercise with intervals with your convenience. workout for 30 to 40 minutes basic or do intense workout with 1 to 1.5 hours.


Sleep and rest

easy ways to stay healthy

Sleep at least of 6 to 8 hours a day, When you do workouts sleep and rest is very much important to strengthen your body.

The rest you give yourself will give strength to move forward sometimes so try do give yourself to grow faster.


Meditate and do maintain a positive a mental attitude

what is meditation

Mental health is more important to the physical health you desire, to get flat tummy, muscled up, or stay unhealthy everything start from mindset, so keep your mind positive and clear of what you are doing and what you are about to do.

Meditation will give you strength to do this, believe me i have experienced this myself,. 

If you don’t know how to meditate, its very simple try to settle in a place where you can sit comfortably in a chair or in floor then close eyes do concentrate on your senses one by one.

Try to smell the when you breath in and out for a minute, then absorb the sounds around you, then the place your sit or the contact of your legs on the ground, do this for 2 to 3 mins a day surely your thank me later.

This will really helps you calm your mind.

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