In a dense forest far away from civilization, there was a young wolf named Grayson. Grayson was in love with a beautiful fox named Lily, who had proposed to him first because she liked him and wanted  a better companion in life. 

Lily is very playful and beautiful little fox and she loved Grayson so much that he could not resist to fall for her. He fell in love like rain when she proposed to him. 

He gave as much as attention he can and still it was not enough to the little fox “Lily”

They have a dozens of Arguments all the time and wanted to be more and still there was a lot of smiles,  happy moments.

They were happy together, roaming the forest and exploring all its beauty.

However, after a year of being together, they began to have bigger issues between themselves. They fought often, and it seemed as though their love had lost its spark. Eventually, Lily broke up with Grayson and moved on with her life.

Grayson was devastated by the break-up and struggled to move on. He found himself thinking about Lily all the time, and he missed her more than he ever thought possible. Despite his pain, he couldn’t stop thinking about her and couldn’t help but keep in touch with her, hoping that they might have a chance to be together again.

But even as she was committed to someone new within few months, but still Lily couldn’t forget her love for Grayson. She would speak to him about her life in the dark forest where she was left was left alone, knowing that he would keep them to himself because he loved her so much. It brought her some peace of mind, knowing that at least one person knew her truth.


Despite their attempts to stop talking, Grayson and Lily couldn’t help but keep in touch. They failed multiple times to move on from each other. However, things took a turn for the worse when they got into an argument, and Lily accused Grayson of being toxic and always trying to spoil the happy mood.

This hurt Grayson deeply, it is is his fault most of the times as he had always tried to be there for Lily  but failed several times! he is deep down guilty of it. Sometimes he received appreciation from her in the past. He realized that he was negative at times because of his bad attitude towards a relationship, but he wanted to change for the better.

He howled to the sky throwing all his pain in the air, but nothing changed! He have not courage to talk to her.

Finally, Grayson decided to gather the courage to talk to Lily again. He knew that it was the best thing he could do for her, as she deserved to be truthful to the person she loved and committed to. Even though it hurt him to see her with someone else, he wanted to do what was right for her and for her new love.

As he approached her, he saw that she was happy with her new love, but he knew that he had to say what was on his mind. He told her that he loved her and that he was sorry for being toxic in the past. He just wanted her to be happy, even if it wasn’t with him.

Lily was shocked by Grayson’s words, but she saw the truth in his eyes. She knew that he loved her deeply and that he had always been there for her, even when she wasn’t there for him. However, Lily had already moved on with her life and was committed to someone else. She told Grayson that she never wanted to see him again and that he should move on with his life as well.


Grayson was heartbroken, but he knew that he had to respect Lily’s wishes. He eventually moved on and found love with another wolf who cherished him for who he was. However, he never forgot his love for Lily and would often think back to the happy times they had spent together.

Lily, on the other hand, continued with her life and never looked back. She never regretted leaving Grayson, deep down she know he is not good for her, as she was happy with her new love and felt that Grayson was toxic to her. She went on to live a long and fulfilling life, but she always wondered what could have been if she had made different choices.

In the end, Grayson learned an important lessons about love and life are that he was the passing cloud to Lily. They both moved on with their lives, but they never forgot the love they had shared, and the pain they had caused each other. 



Credit: Chat GPT AI, Canva text to image converter.

Just a simple try by using the story line had in mind and added to AI, then edited as per I like it.


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