the simple reasons for hair fall

What are the reasons for my hair fall?

Know the reasons for your hair fall! So you can make certain changes.

There isn’t one particular cause for hair loss, It cannot be summarised in a single sentence, hair fall occurs for a variety of reasons, let us know the possible reasons for hair fall by dividing it into “Internal and external hair fall reasons”.

Internal hair fall reasons

Know the reasons for your hair fall

Deficiency in Iron:

Hair loss can also be affected by iron deficiency in some persons. This is not valid for all individuals, but with the detailed analysis, it is worth getting this possible concern tested.



In some individuals, lack of proper daily hydration or intake of too much caffeine, diet drinks, and soft drinks may trigger hair fall.


Vitamin A abundance:

In certain cases, a high intake of vitamin A also causes hair loss problems.


Deficiency in vitamin B:

Might be caused by vitamin B deficiency, it is more likely that elderly people, pregnant women, and people with certain health conditions will have vitamin B deficiencies.


Deficiency in vitamin D:

To many individuals, this is an unusual cause of hair loss, but can be an often quite main cause.

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Some studies suggest a link to the consumption of nicotine as a stimulator for hair loss.


Nutritional Deficiencies:

Lack of a sufficient diet, excessive sugar or starch intake, and lack of proper vitamins and minerals can contribute to hair loss. The lack of proper protein will lead to hair loss.


Hormones :

Puberty, breastfeeding, post-pregnancy, menopause, and related hormone complications, cause hair loss.

This can also arise in some types of birth control and/or in vitro fertilization procedures where hormones are greatly elevated. Babies sometimes also undergo hair loss before their permanent hair grows.


Thyroid Disorders:

Many forms of thyroid disorders, ranging from hyper to hypothyroid, can cause hair loss.



Many individuals are born with predetermined Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) or related genes. If specific steps are not taken to slow down the progression, hair loss can likely occur.


Diabetes :

Few people experience rapid and accelerated hair loss with the diagnosis of diabetes.

Some forms of physical disease such as heart disease or high blood pressure, for example, can lead to hair fall.



There seem to be a variety of autoimmune disorders, including certain types of “alopecia and lupus, or multiple sclerosis”, which can lead to hair loss.



During the progression of this condition, some individuals suffer hair loss.


Recreational Medication Therapies or Prescription:

Several drug treatments have been known to cause hair loss as a side effect. In certain individuals, some recreational therapies are often believed to cause long-term hair loss.


Improper eating habits or Extreme Diet:

Many individuals who undergo stomach reduction surgery suffer hair loss and loss of large quantities of weight. For those recovering from eating disorders, the same is true.


External hair fall reasons

Hair fall reasons

Lifestyle and Depression:

Depression is one of the main reasons for hair loss. Many people have responded and given this feedback with alwyyn’s digest.

Excessively complicated drinking or other water hazards associated with contaminants in the water source: Poor water or salty water may also be the culprit that causes hair loss.


Environmental Factors:

Some experiments have shown that other toxicities can cause allergic reactions in our everyday environment, which may also be related to hair fall.


Deficit in Sleep:

Inappropriate sleep cycles have also been associated with episodes of hair fall.


Daily Treatment for Hair::

Too much use of hot water, equipment for heat styling, or hazardous styling materials can cause hair loss and/or breakage.


Pulling of Hair:

The urge to take hair out of the scalp and other areas of the body stems from a form of OCD disorder. Hair pulling will cause increased hair fall occasionally.


Treatments with Artificial/chemical Hair products:

Most types of “chemical hair treatments can affect the roots to the point that hair loss occurs, such as bleach, perms, straighteners, relaxers, and perms”. 


Tight Hair Styles:

Root discomfort and possible hair loss can be caused by certain types of close hairstyles such as braiding or similar. Some types of hair extensions can also result in certain hair fall due to additional pressure on the roots and scalp.


Scalp Disease:

Most forms of scalp diseases can cause hair loss, such as “dermatitis, dandruff, and eczema”. Hair fall can be caused by fungal infections like ringworm.



Any individuals who are aging may undergo the development of hair loss as cell regeneration slows over time.


Sun Burn:

In certain cases, intense burning of the scalp will lead to hair fall. For general burns on the scalp, the same is true.

Additional causes of hair loss that occur, but the ones I have already mentioned are the key causes identified by hair loss experts currently.


Much like each hair is special, every person is distinct. For a variety of causes, hair loss may occur.


There might also be more than one trigger occurring at the same time occasionally.


Once hair loss occurs and if you find it worse, to obtain the most reliable diagnosis possible, it is advised to see a doctor or hair fall specialist.


With a proper diagnosis, you might actually prevent or fix hair loss.


The final note is: Hair fall (less than 100 hairs a day) is common around the world and don’t need to worry says the experts. “Maintain a proper nutritional diet and natural hair care routine is enough”.



Know how to stay healthy.


Hope you find it useful, share your thoughts in the comment section.

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