Personal precautions to maintain in time of Covid situations

We are in time of need

Everyone is responsible for the spread, one you have to maintain your hygiene and you need spread the awareness.

It is everyone’s duty to keep the spread away, in the following blog post i will give you simple ways to stay secure and maintain a proper self care routine.

To avoid spread

Covid 19

First things first, 

1) Maintain social distancing whenever you are in the public place like mall, theater, hotels, parks, restaurants and any public gatherings.

2) Wear mask all the time when you are around people. Even when on one is around you in the public places.

“If you suspect any symptoms wear double mask”

3) Use sanitizer whenever necessary and mainly in situations you contact some physically.

4) Maintain a clean environment around you.


Symptoms for covid 19

Covid 19

COVID-19 has a variety of effects on specific regions. The majority of infected patients will have mild to moderate symptoms and recover without the need for hospital treatment.

The following are the most common symptoms:

Fever, dry cough, and exhaustion

Symptoms that are less common:

Pains and aches

Conjunctivitis, sore throat, diarrhoea

A migraine

A lack of scent or taste

A skin rash or discoloration of the fingertips or toes

Symptoms that are serious:

Breathing problems or shortness of breath

Tension or pain in the chest

Speech or mobility impairment

covid 19

These are all not the concluded symptoms but are mostly seen in the past encounter of Covid 19 cases, symptoms are varying from person to person, also from regions to regions so whenever you suspect you have combination of above mentioned symptoms it is advised to take a Covid 19 test near your location.

It is confirmed by the government that it take about 5 to 6 days to show the symptoms for a person, and however it may take up to 14 days.  

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