Staying healthy

Many individuals did not reach single-time a clinic and did not take single drug, by following the tips below to remain well.

Take protein rich diet

Staying healthy

Protein rich diet is very good in proper muscle building and gives proper body form, so you can get lean, use egg whites (try avoiding yellow part), natural protein, chicken breast, non-fat milk, etc.

Don't skip breakfast

Our body needs food in the early hours after a long night’s sleep, if you eat breakfast, then our metabolism boosts that aid in weight loss, eat fiber and protein-rich food in breakfast such as peanut butterbrown rice, egg white, etc.

staying healthy

Maintain regular exercise routine

Staying healthy

Do Home exercise At least 5 days a week – Exercise is for removing accumulated fat and reducing calories if you stop doing exercise then you will start to accumulate fat, so never skip your workout routine.

Sleep like a baby

Taking 8 hours of deep sleep – sleep is part of fitness so our body expands in sleep time, the mechanism of stretch begins, while you sleep, which is 30 percent of the position of weight loss. If you follow all that involves food, exercise, and sleep you are getting to healthy living.

Staying healthy

Try saying no to fast food

staying Healthy

Stop fast food and cola: junk food and cola contain too much calories to raise weight with more calories. If you drink cola daily, it can also induce diabetes.

Eat healthy diet

  • Eat food high with fiber, such as oatmeal, which allows you to remain full for a long time and get more fiber.
  • Eat salad with meal – If you eat salad with meal it includes less calories so that you are full of less calories and help retain weight under control.
  • Drink green tea – boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.
  • Using skimmed milk with a lower calorie content than normal milk.
Staying Healthy

Chuck up your meals

Staying healthy
  • Eat 6 small meals – don’t consume too much, start taking 5 to 6 fewer calories(small meals) at a time that improve metabolism and help lose weight and sustain healthy.
  • Stop consuming water with food – If you drink water with food, it is impossible to ingest because of weight gain.


Drink, walk, Meditate

  • Drink 3 to 4 litres of water over a day It helps to digest.
  • Walk everyday 1 km – If above 45 years of age or cannot exercise, walk at least 1 to 2 km a day
  • Meditation – Do it every day to stress free life meditation.
staying Healthy

These are suggested by “nutritionist and dietitians” that we will be pleased to address your health-related doubts and will help you give a proper diet or ask us your fitness and diet-related questions; we will do our best to offer you the right response. A balanced lifestyle guides. 

These are evergreen topics, there will be no boundaries you can follow throughout your life.

If you have any doubt don’t hesitate to comment below.

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