Best books to read in 2021

The best books to be read in 2021(novel)

Make these books to be in your “To be read” list, These are some of the interesting books you can read about.

The PusH: This psychological thriller is about the bond between mothers and daughters is a must-read for fans of psychological thrillers. Blythe needs to have a strong relationship with her daughter before she gives birth. Violet, on the other hand, believes something is wrong with her daughter as she returns. 

The horrific incidents that occur next will make you doubt her sanity and the storey she’s telling us.


A Crooked Tree: After their bickering becomes too much for 15-year-old Libby’s harried single mother, she tells her sister Ellen, 12, to get up and walk home one fateful night. What happens next not only shatters the girls’ innocence, but also sets in motion a series of events that exposes the darkness that exists in their sleepy town. This novel emphasises how a single moment will alter anything.



Joan Didion doesn’t require an introduction, and neither does this incisive collection of her work, which is mainly from her early years. Martha Stewart, a Gamblers Anonymous gathering, writing itself, and her own questions about it all are among the topics discussed. Fans of Didion should not miss this, and neither should anyone else.



In this feminist take on a classic gothic romance, the plot which sound familiar. Jane, a bad dog walker, has set her eyes on Eddie Rochester, a rich man. Eddie has a history, but she does as well. Read on to find out whether one of them would ever be able to escape their secrets, or whether their forbidden tryst will end in tragedy.



This softly creepy book, set in a cluster of cottages in rural Scotland, has a creeping atmosphere of unease. Due to the lack of phone coverage, the families spend their days peering through the blinds at each other, knowing just a bit too much about one another. The build-up is long, but the payoff at the end will leave you gasping for air.

We encounter characters trapped in ever-so-slightly fanciful realities and others navigating intensely human encounters that could be ripped from our own lives in a collection of colourful, immersive short stories. If you like science fiction, historical fiction, or brief breaks from reality, you’ll find plenty to love here.


Since their son Ray-Ray is killed in a police accident, the Echota family will never be the same. His mother Maria is coping with her husband Edgar’s declining dementia, while their daughter Sonja lives alone and her brother Edgar is fighting opioid abuse. When the one-year anniversary of Ray-death Ray’s approaches, Maria and Edgar adopt a foster son, whose arrival might be exactly what the family wants.


Lex does her hardest to put her dysfunctional upbringing behind her after she escapes. When her mother dies in jail and leaves their family home to her and her brothers, the woman once known as “Girl A” must re-establish relations with the two people who really understand what happened to them. This gripping tale about family relationships and the complexities of human psychology will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time.


When Ruth becomes pregnant as a teenager, she positions her son for adoption and leaves town to seek an Ivy League degree in the hopes of getting them together on a better course. 

But she can’t manage to get over him, so when her husband tries to start a family, she returns home to figure out what happened to her son. The tale that follows is a tragic one about friendship, bigotry, injustice, and love.

Tiller, a poor college student, becomes entangled with Pong, a foreign businessman who takes him on a journey of a lifetime in this wildly original book. We jump back and forth between those adventures and Tiller’s post-adventure life with Val, a single mother in witness protection, as he struggles to make sense of it all. It’s quiet, funny, and almost deceptively insightful.

We all take our pasts with us, and nowhere is this more evident than in this moving tale of two people who meet because they both need somebody. When Tallie Clark, a recently divorced nurse, sees Emmett about to leap off a bridge, she pulls over. She coaxes him to safety, and we hear over the course of the emotional weekend that Emmett wasn’t the only one who needed help.

With this historical fiction set in WWII Britain, you’ll feel as if you’ve gone back in time. Four women from various walks of life participate in a culinary competition to win a place on the BBC as a host, and they learn a lot about themselves — and each other — in the process. It’s upbeat, a bit scandalous, and contains ingredients so you can cook along.

When a prestigious New England Prep School is hit by controversy, each of the students reacts differently to the fallout. 

This influential debut tracks nine young women as they tackle their own coming-of-age in the middle of a familiar controversy.

This disjointed, genre-bending tale of a woman who becomes famous on social media and wondering what “the portal” is doing to civilization, her brain, and the people who use it sounds odd and intimately familiar at the same time.

 It’s weird, strangely amusing, and at times piercing, and it’s a must-read for those of those who use social media.

This enthralling novel set in Barbados demonstrates how even the most disparate lives are connected. 

It explores wealth and class, passion and violence, as well as the emotional chaos that envelops a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood and its residents.


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