what is meditation

What is meditation and how it helps you

Meditation is a techniques used to increase calmness, awareness and concentration.  Meditation is also improves consciousness and has been shown to have a wide range of benefits for psychological well-being.

Meditation may be an old practice, but to develop a feeling of calm and inner peace, it is still practiced in cultures around the world even as a therapy.
As most religious teachings are linked to the same practice, meditation has less to do with faith and more about consciousness, finding awareness, and  relief from stress.

The people turning to Meditation is increased around the world to reduce stress during busy schedules. While there is no right or wrong way to meditate, finding a practice that meet your needs and benefits your personality is important.

In simple words meditation will help you release emotions and learning to respond with a good attitude in  negative emotional situations, this is important in life because we make most of our decisions in these emotional situations such as anger, stress, depression, and sometimes happiness.

When you are relaxed you have better chances of making better decisions, also be aware that meditation is a long-term process and very simple. You must do at least a few weeks(4 weeks) or a few months(3 months). To achieve a good result.

Below mentioned are some of the basic and easy meditation methods for beginners to try and benefit from.

  • Mindfulness-meditation
  • Attentive-meditation
  • picturing/visualization-meditation

Ways to reflect on your well-being

Mindfulness Meditation

Being completely aware of our surrounding is mindful-meditation, sit in a comfortable position where ever you like in a chair or sofa just close your eyes and straighten your back breathe deeply and exhale as if you are relaxing.

How to practice:

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable position

Step 2: Straighten your Body breath deep and exhale as if you are relaxing. Focus on the breath by counting numbers or how your body feels.

Step 3: Do this for 3-5 minutes a day for beginners, after you feel comfortable you can increase the timing.

Note: You will have many random thoughts run in your mind, whenever you find to be scattered regain your focus on your breath or your senses of listening to the sounds around you or focus on “touch” contact of your body. Don’t judge yourself, it is normal to be misfocused and everyone does that. “Remember just regain your focus”.

If you do this for a week every morning you can see the difference.

Benefits you get:

  • It helps to reduce stress
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Promote relaxation

What is meditation

Movement Meditation

Movement meditation is not a regular type of meditation, the term itself explains a lot about how you should make movements while you are meditating. In every meditation, the main goal is to be aware of the present moment.

You can do it while walking, jogging, or any type of slow movement you like.

How to practice:

Step 1: Select a type of movement of your choice and be in the present moment as if every second counts. “steady and Show” & “Inhale and Exhale”

Step 2: Try to feel each part of your body the expansion of the stomach, broadening of your chest, leg movement, hand movement, muscle tightening, loosening, etc.

Step 3: Do this for about 10 to 15 minutes a day for better results with your mind to be present in the moment. “If you can’t do this with movements try the same in the sitting position”.

Benefits you get:

  • Empowers you to become more observant.
  • Reducing stress temporarily.
  • Enabling yourself to start concentrating on your other sensations can help you feel more aware of your surroundings and less concentrated on your endless flow of worries and feelings.

My suggestion would be to try doing this while you are walking first (walk slow and focus on each step you make!).

What is meditation


This type of meditation is done to mainly focus on the positive things, to recover from a stressful or negative situation so you can do this by sitting in a place calmly and concentrate on all the positive images, words, positive outcomes you like in life, to care about someone in your life, etc.

Basically, you will see all the images in your mind-imagining the things you like.

How to practice:

Step 1: Sit in calm a place and close your eyes, and prepare yourself first.

Step 2: Focus your imagination on situations of love, happiness, positive outcome, people you like, etc. “Picture in your MIND.”

Step 3: Do this for about 5 to 10 minutes a day.

Benefits you get:

  • Your positive mental attitude towards life will increase tremendously.
  • You will feel uplifted.
  • More happiness in your heart because you focus on the positive side of people.

There are several types of meditations, the above-mentioned meditations are basic for anyone to do. If you practice these for a few days you will guarantee to do see the difference in your thinking.

Comment below your experience with meditation, and ask your question I will reply to you, let’s build a community with a healthy lifestyle.

If you like to try with music, along side your meditation, below is a video for you to start.

You can use music for any type of meditations and which will help you calm your mind. You can call it as (Music Meditation).

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