What should you say as soon as you are awake?

It is important to understand that how our brain functions because that is how we can handle ourselves better over day-to-day courses, self-talk play a major role is influencing your ideas and thoughts.

Remember: Our brain is also an organ just like our heart!

Heart functions by pumping blood to all the parts of our body and the brain functions by sending signals for movements and moods to be exact.

So as soon as you are awake, if you give your brain instructions as mentioned by Sir APJ Abdul Kalam, Late former President of India and Highly world-wide respected scientist in Aerospace. He mentioned in one of his speeches while addressing students’ questions.

The following are the 5 best simple self-talks I can say, but also, I want to explain in detail for you to understand the science and importance behind the simple 5 self-talk or affirmations.


  • I am the best
  • I can do it
  • God is always with me
  • I am a winner
  • Today is my day

If you can program your brain over and over again then you can see the results. Every day is the key!

I would say “A trained brain is more powerful than a trained handler with loaded gun, which can be used anywhere when fearless in facing the bad situations.”

I just wanted to mention you are more powerful than you think, just introspect once look into yourself on how is your self-talk is? when situations are going bad or well! Is it negative or positive?

How to check you are having Negative self-talk or Positive self-talk.

Try to understand how your feelings are is it heavy and hurtful (emotionally weak) then it is sign of negative self-talk, if you are being grateful (energetic and happy) for others and yourself then it is good.

This is just an example but you need to understand what is bothering you so that you can prepare or equip yourself.

The point here is if you don’t know how to face negativity, the above mentioned 5 self-talks are more suitable for you to start, also there are multi different self-talks available in the web, even I have used them in my day-to-day life, the problem is there are a lot of options but this is a laser clear option you can choose to have available.

When you say this self-talk over and over again you will find the improvement in your confidence level. Whatever the current mindset you have you can change it as it begins now so, always be conscious on your mind and self-talk, this is where you build your self first so be careful of what you say to you self.

When you wake up and do the self-talk and start your day then, continue to do this every day, there are also multiple factors you can practice that you can find in this website.

The point of, “What you should say as soon as you wake up?” start your day with positivity the rest is history, this does not mean that you get all the positivity from the word, but you will get the be positive mindset that will help you grow and face the situations of your life.

Hope this will help you in day-to-day life, I know this sound simple but this does miracle in people mindset. Believe me successful people always practice the positive self-talk and gratitude.

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